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CWP Take Charge

Comprehensive Wellness Profile 

Only $97*

The CWP - our most popular and complete general wellness panel. It includes over 50 individual results.  

*Not available in MA, MD, ND, SD & VT

A simple blood test could help save your life...

We help put your
health in your hands.  Early detection and prevention are vitally important to your health.
How It Works
How It Works
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Monthly Specials

Lipid Profile
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CardioPlus Advantage
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Test Categories
Test Categories
DirectLabs offers a wide variety of low-cost, high-quality laboratory tests at a fraction of the cost including Allergy, Cardiovascular, Diabetes and more.  To see more categories visit our Tests Page.
Direct Access Imaging
Direct Access Imaging
High quality, cost effective MRI and CT imaging services for your personal healthcare needs.  
Lab Locations
Lab Locations
DLS uses only CLIA-certified medical reference laboratories that offer many Patient Service Centers close to where you live or work.  To find the location nearest you, visit our Lab Locator Page.