Comprehensive Parasitology x3-Doctor's Data Kit

Note: This is a home collection test kit that will be mailed to you.

Fasting Required: No

Lab: Doctor's Data

Specimen: Stool

Results: 10-14 business days
Note: Result turnaround times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Our reference lab may need additional time due to weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, or equipment maintenance.

Special Instructions: If you are taking antifungal or antibiotic medications, please finish the course of medication, and then wait three days before starting this collection. Please refrain from taking digestive enzymes, antacids, and aspirin for two days prior to and during the specimen collection, unless otherwise instructed by your physician. Refrain from taking probiotic supplements for two weeks prior to specimen collection unless instructed otherwise by your physician. Never discontinue prescription medications without first consulting your physician.

This is a 3 day stool collection. Specimen does not have to be collected on consecutive days. It is preferable, but not necessary, to collect on consecutive days but the final collection must be made within seven days of the first. Please note: Parasites do not drop with every stool passing.

Description: The Comprehensive Parasitology profile is an important tool for identifying imbalances in intestinal microflora. It includes comprehensive bacteriology and yeast cultures to identify the presence of beneficial flora, imbalanced flora including Clostridium species, and dysbiotic flora, as well as detection of infectious pathogens and evaluation for the presence of parasites. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing to prescriptive and natural agents is also performed for appropriate bacterial and fungal species at no additional charge.

Analytes Tested:
Additional Pathogens culture
Bacteriology culture, aerobic
Day 2 Parasitology, trichrome
Day 3 Parasitology, trichrome
Giardia lamblia; stool
Parasitology, concentrate; stool
Parasitology, trichrome; stool

Additional Biomarkers Available for add-on at additional cost:
Comp. Clostridium Culture
Macroscopic Examination