Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), Type 1 and 2 DNA, Quantitative, Real-Time PCR
Fasting Required: No

Specimen: Blood

Lab: Quest Diagnostics

Results: 3-5 business days
Note: Result turnaround times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Our reference lab may need additional time due to weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, or equipment maintenance.

Description: The detection of HSV-1 and HSV-2 DNA is based upon the real-time amplification, detection and differentiation of specific HSV-1 and HSV-2 genomic DNA sequences by PCR from total DNA extracted from the specimen. The quantitative range of this assay is 100-2,000,000 copies/mL.

This Herpes DNA PCR test is used to aid in the diagnosis of Herpes Simplex Virus infections. PCR testing looks for viral genetic material or DNA in the blood sample. The Herpes 1 & 2 DNA PCR provides results for both types of Herpes infections. Results are quantitative and will provide a numerical value in the event of a positive result.