Please use code  R-WONMP when you call.
Creating Your Health Care Provider Account with DirectLabs®

1. To register as an HCP, contact Stephanie Ballard at (800) 908-0000 ext. 303 or



Bill Charges to Provider - You keep a credit card on file with us and pay for your patients tests.

Bill Charges to Patient - The patients place the order themselves and pay DLS website prices.



 Provider - Results will be uploaded to your HCP account.

Patient - Results will be released to the patient only.

Both - Results will be uploaded to both the patient and the HCP account.

**We must have a signed HIPAA release form completed by your patient in order to release their results to you.**

3. Once your HCP account is established, you will receive an email notification that the registration process is complete. Now you can start ordering.

Contact information:


  Stephanie Ballard

Business Development Administrator

Ext 303 or

Direct 985-231-0487
  Donna Yarbrough

Healthcare Provider Accounts

Ext 301 or

Direct 985-231-0481
  Christi Harrison

Results Supervisor

Ext 312 or

Direct 985-231-0523