21/20 Molds Alcat Panel-Cell Science Systems Kit

Note: This is a test kit that will be mailed to you. It requires a blood draw. It is your responsibility to arrange the blood draw for your kit and payment of your specimen collection.

Fasting Required: No

Lab: Cell Science Systems

Specimen: Blood

Results: 5-7 business days
Note: Result turnaround times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Our reference lab may need additional time due to weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, or equipment maintenance.

Special Instructions: It is not necessary to postpone testing, if despite medication use, inflammatory symptoms persist. However, to the extent medication can be reduced prior to testing, the patient should do so, as anti-inflammatory medications may have an effect on test results. Anti-rejection therapy may reduce test sensitivity.

Description: This panel tests for 21/20 molds that might cause associated health problems. It measures changes in size and volume of white blood cells in response to challenges with molds. This is a tolerance test, not an allergy test.

*Candida Albicans is included with food panels that have 100 or more items. When ordered together, Candida Albicans is reported in the food panel.

Includes: A free 1/2 hour consultation.

21/20 Molds:
Alternaria alternata
Aspergillus fumigatus
Botrytis cinerea
Candida albicans
Cephalosporium gramineum
Cladosporium herbarum
Epicoccum nigrum
Fusarium oxysporum
Geotrichum candidum
Hormodendrum cladosporium
Monilia sitophila
Mucor racemosus
Penicillium notatum
Phoma herbarum
Pullularia aureobasidium
Rhizopus stolonifer
Rhodotorula rubra